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10 Things She’s Thinking When You’re Naked

Glamour.com just posted a funny article  on what guys are thinking when they FINALLY get you naked for the first time. I was inspired  to create my own list for the ladies. Here goes….:

1)  Yes!….Finally!!….Oh CRAP, I can’t just lay there….Think quick! What’s my best move?!!! What’s my best move??!!!

2)  His pecs looked firmer underneath the shirt. Nope. Just man-boobs. As long as his aren’t bigger than mine I’m cool.

3)  Wow! Much bigger than I thought. :))

4) Darn. He’s not even close (silent sigh).  But I really like him.  I’ll give this a whirl. As Tim Gunn would say, “Make it work!”

5) Is it me that has B.O.? Or him? Whatever. I’m here. Let’s do this. 

6)  Is he looking at my stomach? Suck it in…..oh forget it.

7) Is he looking at my butt? Crap. I can’t suck it…Maybe he’ll turn the lights off…Oh wait..he’s gonna keep them on…oh forget it.

8)  Did he wash these sheets?

9) I hope he deosnt say anything NOW that will make me regret this experience.

10) I never realized how beautiful his eyes are until now……Am I staring at him?…STOP STARING…oh forget it.

Ladies, Am I right? And guys, do you agree with the original posting? Feel free to add to my list.


10 Things He’s Thinking When You’re Naked Sex, Love & Life: glamour.com.