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My new crush: 'Sookie Stackhouse style' sundress by Ralph Lauren. Photo by Devon Jarvis courtesy Elle.com

The one thing I look forward to in the summertime  is pulling out my array of sundresses. A sundress is probably the one outfit that in the eyes of men is all-encompassing :  ladylike, girly, functional and sexy all at the same time.   Take note ladies, the sundress is a head turner. Don’t let the poker face fool you; Men are putty in the presence of a female in a sundress.  Maxidresses with a plunging neckline. Knee-length, or slightly above…thin straps or strapless, colorful, or summer white. My favorite sundress that I’m wearing this summer is the one pictured below. It’s short and very girly. I liven it up with my Frye boots , a belt and maybe a fedora. I’ve never seen more heads whip around than when I wore this outfit a few weeks ago.  How did I go all of these years without ever noticing this effect? This type of power in the wrong hands….oh boy…..well, let’s just say, I’ll try to use my powers for good. I can’t make any promises though. 😉

The Sundress: a 'not so secret weapon'

dress: Forever 21. belt: thrift store, boots: vintage Frye boots