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As you can see if you look at my other post Focus Up People, that I didn’t quite take my own advice. However, I had good reason. I was busy….living. Yes, I realized that its okay sometimes to get off track a bit. Although the past six months have been quite unfocused, I’m happy to report that it was perhaps exactly what I needed. A few of my proud accomplishments in 2011:

1) I worked, as actress…quite a bit.
The rate race here in LA can be quite draining, but when I look back, I had a pretty good year. I booked 2 National commercials. I booked my first network television appearance on All My Children (I love you Erica Kane!). I also booked a few well paid modeling jobs & minor acting jobs that kept me working and helped to keep food on the table. No small feat with the dwindling economy & competition with gigs. As it turned out, I did alright.

2) I completed my first children’s book, My Sweet Goldie.
This book is a redux of a book I wrote as a 3rd grade project based on my beloved childhood pet Goldie(which I illustrated). I came across the book again 2 years ago & I thought with a few changes (and a much better illustrator thanks to Dave Sirus), I might have something here. Two years later, we’re done and ready to get the book out there.

4) I finished co-writing my 2nd spec pilot.
This one is based on my sketch comedy troupe Slow Children Crossing<!
I’m very proud of it. We’re doing a few rewrites, with the intention of filming this spring. Will keep you updated!

3) I started teaching again.
When the opportunity came to become a Bar Method instructor, I jumped at the chance. I was already somewhat obsessed with the workout and I thought it would be fun and more challenging than teaching the dance classes I’ve been used to. Boy, was it. Six frustrating, tear-inducing exasperating months later, I’m finally a certified Bar Method instructor! I still have lots to learn, but I get warm & fuzzy when clients say how much they love my class. Wanna know what the fuss/obsession is about? Check it out:
Bar Method Website

….and yes, it is the. Best. Workout. Ever.

4) Last but not least, I fell in love. Again. With the same person.
This one is way to long to explain in a blog… But I’ll say this: a long time ago, I really loved a potato. (he’s not really potato nor is he plain or boring). For many reasons, I talked myself out of loving that potato. Instead I had fries, a baked potato, sweet potatoes, yams….and they were all tasty, for a while, because I thought that they all had… more. But they did not. They didn’t have everything the potato had. And one day, I finally wised up. Perhaps with age & hindsight.I love my potato. My potato is Brett. If you know me, then you already know him and probably figured out a long time ago (unlike myself) that I should have been with that potato:)

Sidenote: Brett hates the potato reference.

5) I’m part owner of a dog. So, I convinced my aforementioned potato, ie. Brett, to adopt a dog. He named him Baxter (yes, it a reference from the movie Anchorman). Every owner says this, but Baxter IS indeed the cutest dog ever. Especially when he chases his own tail for 5 minutes or swipes sausages off Brett’s plate. His floppy ears and his short legs and sad his ‘I’m so sad that I’m cute’ face. At 6 months old he already knows how to get the ladies. According to Louis C.K. puppies are a “countdown to heartbreak”. Well, aren’t we all? Love is always worth the risk.