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I’m finally settling down after the last two weeks of moving, looking for furniture, and hauling stuff I really don’t need to Goodwill (5 times!!. Yes, I’m kinda a pack rat).

It has definitely been a time of change. Besides, moving in with Brett, I’ve decided to leave one of my part-time jobs and take the leap of faith and give myself more time to pursue creative endeavors. I also followed one my awesome agents to a new agency that will hopefully open more doors for me. All of these changes have put me in a very reflective mode. There’s a shift towards a new chapter in my life  that seems a little scary but exhilarating.

As someone  who doesn’t like to leave much to chance, it’s hard to be in a space (especially career- wise) where you don’t know exactly where you are headed.  So I’m taking a bit of time to silence the control-freak in me (hard!), to see what happens….because part of the fun is the journey, right?

Baxter the watchdog

{Baxter says goodbye to my old apartment}

{Is that you God?}
photo via hamandcheeseonwheat on flickr.com

{The late great disco diva Donna Summer speaking for the ladies.  This was one of my favorite music videos growing up.}