Now that we’re all settled in, I had a little time to take stock of what we need. Most of the paint is done, as we finished the majority of that process before we moved in.  A few things put a cramp in my decorating vision. For example, I have a lovely mod couch that I wanted to fit in the living room, but my potato’s comfy leather couch couldn’t fit in the doorway of the second bedroom, so I’m now figuring out how to make his leather couch “work” in the living room.  We’ll see…

I’ve been dying to have a chalkboard wall, so of course I jumped on that. The results:

{Chalkboard wall surrounding our spices in the kitchen}

In addition to the kitchen, we also painted the back of the cupboards in the dining room as well. So far we’re having a lot of fun with this.

{With chalk, our martini glasses are now palm trees.}

One the walls in  the living room a deep purple (very feng shui), and the bedroom is a lovely turquoise. The turquoise really pops during the day.  Next up is the stairs.

{Brett paints while Baxter looks on}

Slowly, but surely I’m adding smaller decorative accents in every room.

{Pillows in the living room. I love the look of chevron.}

Decorating is a process and I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible, as I want our place to be a reflection of both of our personalities and style.

What do you think so far?