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I’m at the stage of decorating where my expectations exceed my finances. I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my budget, but there are a few more things I would absolutely love to have.  I can’t buy everything at once, so for now I’m picking and choosing my battles.  I’d like to share a few items on my wishlist.


{photo via Lonny Mag-lovelyundergrad}

{photo by Paul Costello for Domino Magazine}

If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit then you know my love for lucite has been documented here. This piece of furniture makes a girlish yet modern statement in a bedroom. I’ve been obsessed since I was a little girl with vanity tables,  but now I can’t get the lucite/vanity table combo out of my head.


{photo via Etsy.com}

My boyfriend Brett would wholeheartedly agree that this pillow is THE perfect description of my emotional state when I’m devoid of food.  Plus, I think it’s pretty funny. Who hast been ‘hangry’ every once in a while?


Greyhound Statue

{photo via dgstyleblog}

I’ve been dying to have a greyhound statue for quite a while now. The gorgeous lines of the statue add a sense of regal sophistication to any room. Brett is afraid our dog Baxter might freak out by it’s mere presence. But I’m considering taking my chances in the hopes he’ll see it a very quiet and reserved playmate.


Eames Lounger in white

{photo via ruemag.com}

The Eames Lounger has been a recurring vintage piece on almost every design site, magazine, blog. And you know what, I will follow the masses on this one because I simply adore this lounger. Vintage, yet cool, practical and comfortable.  I simply love. A few months ago, I watched a documentary on Charles Eames and his wife Ray, and now I’m even more obsessed. Dear Eames Lounger, I will find you, on Craigslist, in great condition, for an awesome price. just you wait…game on.

What’s on your apartment/home wishlist?