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As this week marks the official start of summer, I was hoping that I would have a little more time to chill out, but right now my life has become busier, and now I have to play catch up. The signs are all around me, telling me to relax.

I will….but there is that nagging voice reminding me of the little tasks & responsibilities I have, and it won’t go away anytime soon.  I really want to just take a long vacation where I can totally unplug. Instead,  I keep reminding myself that there is reward in the ‘Work Hard, Play Harder ‘ theory, so until then I’ll keep soaking in the signs of summer around me and stealing little moments that will make life more enjoyable.

{ Summer wardrobe additions}

{Fresh juice}

Baxter plays in the park

{Baxter enjoys a walk}

{Mint chocolate chip & brownie ice cream}

{Our sunny balcony}

{My modest herb garden: basil, lavender & rosemary}

How are you planning to relax this summer?