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Kimono with Levi shorts

When I was little my mom had this kimono silk robe that I loved. Sometimes when I’d come home from school I would put on that robe, try on her navy snakeskin heels and try my fiercest runway walk to Diana Ross’ ‘I’m Coming Out‘ LP.

So when I bought this short kimono coverup in April, I was dying to wear it out right away, but in this SoCal weather I get chilly very easily. I decided to wait it out until the weather was much warmer. Fast forward to July, and now I’m giving it a go. I paired it with vintage Levis’s, a black sheer top, black wedges and a leopard belt. This outfit is a total experiment for me, yet it feels a bit nostalgic. Perhaps deja vu?? Hmmm….maybe I should give my catwalk one more go ’round…

Kimono with Levi's shorts wedge heels

Kimono & Belt: Target | Shorts: Vintage Levi’s | Top: Thrifted | Shoes: Arden B

What do you think? How would you pair it?