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Our mini-vacation in Palm Springs was a wonderful respite from Los Angeles. It was crazy hot (107 degrees!) but between the hotel air conditioning and the the pool we managed to stay cool. The great thing about our hotel, Viceroy Palm Springs, was that it’s very pet friendly, so Baxter enjoyed himself as well. Check out their pooch menu and pet services here. They also have the lovely Estrella Spa where my potato surprised me with a deep tissue massage. I went right to sleep. Just what I needed. Palm Springs I miss you already. I’ll be back!

{Palm Springs landscape}

entrance to Viceroy Palm Springs

{Viceroy Palm Springs}

Marilyn statue Palm Springs

{ A big Marilyn welcome from Palm Springs}

Viceroy Palm Springs pool


Poolside service at Viceroy Palm Springs

{Delicious chocolate chip cookies and ice cream poolside}

Estrella Spa Viceroy Palm Springs

{outside Estrella Spa}

Baxter dog redvelvet and whiskey blog Viceroy Palm Springs

{Baxter loves the bed}

Palm Springs

{Flank steak with bone marrow butter}

Baxter & Saudia Rashed redvelvetandwhiskey blog

{Baxter & me}

{Brett enjoying a martini}

Viceroy Palm Springs poolside

{One final dip before returning to LA}