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That talent. That voice. That hair!!!!!  Grammy inning jazz artist Esperanza Spalding, how I envy you. You see, while I could barely stick with playing the harmonica at 7 years old ( I thought for a moment I was the next next Stevie Wonder, until I realized the harmonica is really, really hard) you had already taught yourself to play the violin at 5 years old (she also plays the oboe, clarinet and bass).  Most of all though, I want that wild lioness hair of yours…and although I’ve given up on the idea of even being able to play chopsticks on the piano (or on any instrument for that matter), I still hold out hope that my afro could grow that big…someday…. When I do, I’ll play air bass to one of your songs in my living room wearing only a button down white T-shirt and my big, big afro. Yes, I know it sounds very similar to Risky Business, except with an afro, and jazz music…and no socks, but what the hell, that’s MY dream. Oh no, I’m not giving up:)

Esperanza Spalding natural hair afro

{via Instyle Magazine}

Esperanza Spalding natural hair bass musician artist

Esperanza Spalding natural hair afro