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This past Saturday, we finally had our cocktail party!! It’s funny, our friends called it a housewarming party since it was the 1st visit for many, but that was never the intention. We honestly just wanted an excuse to have our friends over to drink! This was my first time hosting a party that included more than 10 people, so this ended up being a much bigger undertaking than either Brett or I expected. In the end it all came together quite nicely. and along the way we both learned a few things that will definitely make our next party even better.

COCKTAIL MENU                                             APPETIZER MENU

Sweet Tea Bourbon                                    Bacon Wrapped Dates

Mango-Grapefruit Paloma                            Mini-Buttermilk Chicken & Waffles

“Hot-Blooded”                                         Orange and Rosemary Baked Olives

Tuscan Rosemary Lemon Drop                      Thai Beef Nachos

Southern Cola                                          Mini Cheese Balls

Beer & Wine                                             Strawberry Bruschetta

Once again I became so carried away that I  forgot to take pictures halfway thru the party, but  here’s a few I that I did managed to get:

{Our staircase lit with LED candles}
{That’s Baxter at the top}

Flower arrangements

{Flower arrangements for the table}

Thai Beef Nachos blog redvelvetandwhiskey

{Thai Beef Nachos}

Chalkboard cocktail list blog redvelvetandwhiskey

{Our cocktail menu…a wiseguy guest removed the “tails”}

{A guest used an app to embellish a pic of Brett & I}


{Pictures of our guests using a Polaroid}

Good times indeed! We’ll have to plan another one soon!