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Last month as I mentioned here, I was lucky enough to come out of my booking drought by booking not 1 , but 2 national commercials within a matter of weeks. One of the commercials I booked in August has already started airing! The luxury car brand Infiniti released their most recent commercial promoting their SUV’s and I’m in it!! I’m excited because this is the most screen time I’ve had in a commercial to date, AND on top of this, the commercial was directed by Rian Johnson. Maybe you’ve heard of him… his movie “Looper” (which he wrote and directed) was #2 at the box office this weekend. Oh, and he’s also a very cool, sweet guy and a great person to work with. I checked out “Looper” this weekend, and the truth is it’s the smartest, most entertaining film I’ve seen since “Inception”. Yes, it’s that good.

Check out my Infiniti commercial “Couple” here:

If you haven’t seen it Looper yet, check out trailer: