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The Family Meal Ferran Adria

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Last Christmas one of the gifts I gave to Brett along with cooking classes, was the cookbook “The Family Meal.”  This cookbook, by renowned Spanish chef Ferran Adria`is filled with recipes eaten by the staff at the famed El Bulli restaurant (which garnered 3 Michelin stars). The recipes are separated into basic dishes and complete 3-course meals with step-by-step instructions.

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My potato had the brilliant idea of us creating a tradition by cooking one of the 30 meals every Sunday together. This past Sunday, we kicked our our tradition with   baked sea bass, mussels w/paprika, and caramel pudding.

baked sea bass recipe The Family Meal cookbook

{Baked sea bass}

Mussels with paprika Ferran Adria Family Meal cookbook

{Mussels with paprika}

The recipes were very simple to follow, and the time from prep to table only took 2 hours. The taste? Amazing! I’m not sure what we’ll do when we’re done cooking all of the recipes. Perhaps start again…we’ve thought about hosting family & friends for a Sunday, or maybe moving on to another cookbook. For right now, I can’t wait to try the other recipes and am looking forward to next Sunday.

What’s your Sunday dinner tradition? Please share!