I know….I know…. It’s 16 days into the new year and I’m just now telling my readers Happy New Year! Well, I supposed it’s better late than never right?

When my potato and I moved in together in May, the talk of marriage had already begun.  I knew a proposal was coming in the next 6 months. However, I didn’t know when, where or how. In the coming months, as Thanksgiving came & went as well as Christmas, I figured I’d have to wait till 2013.

However, I should have known something was brewing, but I ignored all the signs. He asked my parents permission the day before New Years. He bought a suit New Years’ Eve. He helped me pick out what to wear (which turned out to be his favorite outfit to see me wear). Nevertheless, I had a blind eye to these details, and chose to believe our NYE would be nothing out of the ordinary.

After a dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, We stopped by a friend’s house to toast the New Year. Five minutes into 2013, he took me into a room that is also our friend Julio’s “man-cave” (imagine an old school Pac- Man machine, move posters , and a life-size figure from Star Wars).  It was here, that he got down on one knee and proposed. Honestly, this was last place I had imagined a proposal happening, but I love telling the story. In fact I think it’s kinda awesome. Every New Years’ Eve will always bring back this sweet life-changing memory.


Oh, and the engagement ring also could not have been more perfect.  I could tell he was nervous if would like it, but I LOVE it.

And so the first days of the new year have been lovely, exhilarating, and somewhat stressful as I now delve into planning a weeding in 10 months! In the meantime, I plan to enjoy saying the word fiancé, as this is the most I’ll get to use it!