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Pessimist Optimist glasses

{image via Real Simple}

It’s March and it’s my 1st post of 2014?? Wow. I didn’t expect to be away so long but I ended up with some crazy gastrointestinal issues due to taking too much aspirin from back pain. No doubt an interesting way to start off the year, but when you’re sick you have a lot of time to think. I admit it was a little a depressing to miss auditions and work, and especially for a foodie like me to give up all of the foods I loved because they gave me horrible acid reflux and heartburn. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a a good steak, and old fashioned and a piece of chocolate cake during this time.

I was losing weight rapidly, and sleeping the days away because I did have energy to do much else.  I was indeed looking at life as being half-empty. But thanks to my nurse/hubby I was reminded to keep my chin up, and to be grateful for the little things.

So here’s what I’m grateful for:

-Losing 18 lbs, and in the process gaining more energy and more restful sleep.

-Improving my eating habits.

-Another birthday with wonderful friends, and my new hubby.

-Booking my second co-star gig on “How I Met Your Mother”

….and many, many more things that I won’t list right now. But enough about me, what are you grateful for?