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When I was younger, I used to write poetry and song lyrics all the time. Not that I ever thought I had a knack for making a career out of it, but the need to put pen to paper in that way just seemed to leak out of me. I even won a poetry contest in the 3rd grade. Fast forward to about 20 years later, and you think, what happened? Do I have anything left to say? As I mentioned here,  this is a time to push myself creatively.  So when I came across a few poems I wrote a couple years back, I figured now is as good of a time as any to put myself out there.  The thing is…this is a teensy bit uncomfortable & scary for me. I’ve never even showed my husband these poems. The moment you go out on a limb you start to question yourself. Is it good enough? Are people going to like this? So I’ll just take a deep breathe and say this now:  I hope you like it. But if you don’t, life goes on. Either way it’s from me to you.


Marine serenity is exquisite

Tropical scents stirring in my thoughts

Which travel through periods of time


Well, imagined

All I can conjure is heat swaying in my hips, moving up and out of me

Temptation is released

It would be nice to go back there

Until next time…