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Vinatge swimsuit image Jantzen

{Jantzen 1960 via here}

Enjoying the 3-day weekend? Mine has been pretty busy with social engagements. I went to happy hour with a close friend on Friday. Saturday I started the day with a kick ass class at my friend’s new barre workout studio. Then, Saturday night at another friend’s show with her band.  I’m thinking today I’ll keep it low-key and catch up on some work. Hopefully you have something more more fun that work in store for yourselves. Here are a few things to keep you going through the rest of the holiday weekend.


One of the coolest dance performances I’ve seen in a while.

I really need this grocery bag in my life.

Listen to my baby (ie.hubby) singing “Baby Got Back” Sinatra- style recently featured in the Huffington Post. I directed the video.

Check out this great infographic on how to be more productive.

Happy a great Memorial Day!

Until then…