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Paris rooftop pic

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You’ve been waiting all week for this and now Friday is here! You’re probably sitting at work right now, trying to figure our how you can get your weekend off to a great start. Well, I think I can help you out…


1) Leave Work Early

Who can concentrate at 4pm on a Friday anyway? To quote my favorite character Donna for NBC’s Parks & Recreation, “Treat Yo Self”! Go shopping, maybe get a mani/pedi or massage, indulge in some delicious calorie ridden ice cream, or go eat at your favorite food truck. Get happy.

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2) Take A Power Nap

Maybe you have a long night ahead: an epic birthday party, club night, or concert. Go home and take a nap. An hour (or two) will do you good. Boy do I love a good nap. You’ll thank me later.

3) Go To Happy Hour

I have never, ever in all my years had a friend turn down an invite to happy hour. Why? Because it doesn’t happen! If the cheap drinks aren’t enticing enough, the cheap food is always a winner. A place with great ambiance (al fressco anyone?) never hurts either.

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4) Throw an Impromptu Dinner Party

Roll the dice once in a while and it keep in mind it doesn’t have to be ‘fancy’. Maybe whip up some shrimp paella and invite your closest pals over. Food, friends, and a a great bottle(s) of wine. Done and done.

5) Just Chill….

Stay at home…because there is always Saturday.

And what I’m I doing this Friday? After finishing up some work I’m prepping for a weekend in San Francisco with my lovely husband. I cannot wait! Hopefully I can get a few pictures in and report back on our trip next week. Until then…

xo  Saudia