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On Display

A few months ago I decided to finally get rid of some jewelry I had been holding onto for way too long. By “too long”, let’s just say there were few things I’ve had since I was 12 years old (I’m pretty sure I’m too old to rock friendship bracelets).  These items were either beyond repair, or just no longer resonated with my current style since I haven’t tried to dress like a twelve year old since I was…25.  I bought a new jewelry box & started playing around with how I’d like to store and display my jewelry. It’s still a work in progress, but since we’re at the start of a new year I figured what better way to start process of cleaning/organizing than with your most beautiful things. Here are a few finds that I really love.  Both functional, yet aesthetically pleasing, these choices say, “I’m a grownup, and so are my accessories”; and just like that, you’ve stepped up your game. Happy organizing!