Where do you live?
In sunny Los Angeles, although I’m still a Texas girl at heart. Go Longhorns!

What do you do for a living?
I work as an actress, dancer, model & Bar Method instructor…and low-level overachiever.  I’ve also been a part a fabulous sketch comedy group for the last six years, slowchildrenxing.com

For more info on me, go to saudiarashed.com

Why did you start a blog?
I simply wanted an outlet to share mainly the things I like or love and that will continue to bring joy laughter and inspiration into my life.

Can I use your photographs for my site?
You sure can :), but please link back!

Who takes the pictures for your blog?
I am lucky enough to have a live-in photographer! My boyfriend Brett is great at it and he also has his own blog: http://www.howsyourclyde.com/
He takes mainly the picture of me and my recipes.

What type of camera do you use?
Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Are you interested in doing products reviews for your blog?
I’ll admit that’s not really my focus, as I’d prefer to showcase products that I really love and actually use and/or would buy on my own.

What about advertising, partnerships & affiliate programs?
I am most definitely interested in partnership and affiliate opportunities that would be a natural fit for my blog.
If interested, please contact me at redvelvetandwhiskey@gmail.com

Are you interested in guest blogging?                                                                   Yes! If you are interested in having me blog for your site please contact me at redvelvetandwhiskey@gmail.com   

What keeps you up at night?
Beautiful thoughts of the future. Regrets of the past. Money. My growling stomach. Sex.

You look really familiar. Have I seen you in a commercial? Or in a print ad somewhere?
Hmmmm…It could have been that other girl that looks like me.


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